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Time and Talent Resource
Our Vision: We are a united and diverse Catholic community joined through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By virtue of the intercession of Mary, we aspire to create an ever-increasing spiritual thirst for Jesus that ignites faith through the sacramental life of the church.

We invite Spanish speaking parishioners to join these ministries. For a translated version of this booklet, please see our website under About Us, Nuestra Parroquia or contact Lulu at 458-5390 or torresl@sheboygannorthparishes.org
A paper copy will also be available at the parishes.

  • Please use the accompanying form to sign up, either online or on paper.
  • Signing up on SNCP website is preferred. It saves staff time & resources.
  • Return completed paper forms in the offertory basket (at Mass) or to parish office.
  • Your promptness is appreciated.
  • Many other faith-based volunteer opportunities in the community exist. Some are listed on the SNCP website under GROUPS.

For more information regarding our ministries, please contact:
Holy Name & St. Clement:  920-458-7721 petriem@sheboygannorthparishes.org
St. Dominic:  920-458-7070 woelfell@sheboygannorthparishes.org

Your Stewardship Committee

Abbreviations:  HN=Holy Name of Jesus     SC=St. Clement   SD=St. Dominic    SNCP=Sheboygan North Catholic Parishes


Prayer and Worship

The Prayer & Worship Ministry fosters active participation of the faithful in worship, especially in the Mass, the sacraments, other services, and devotions.


  1. Prayer & Worship Committee

Each Committee assists in the preparation for the liturgical/prayer life of its parish, and the SNCP collaboratively. It consults with members of the pastoral staff in regard to preparing sacred environments and liturgical resources. Its role is to monitor, assess, and collaborate directly with specific liturgical ministries.  

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Meets monthly, excluding summer. SC meets seasonally.


  1. Greeter

Greeters provide a welcoming atmosphere for both parishioners and visitors as they arrive for Mass.

AGES: Adults, Teens and Families. 

TIME COMMITMENT: About 30 minutes prior Mass, ~1x/mo.  Subs are also welcome.


  1. Usher

Ushers may distribute missalettes or worship aids, assist in seating parishioners, take up collection, guide the Communion procession, and hand out bulletins. At SC, Ushers also serve as greeters, and are asked to help at funerals as needed.

AGES: Adults, Teens, and Youth with Parent.

TIME COMMITMENT: A few times per month, based on individual availability.


  1. Altar Server

Servers assist at weekend and Holy Day Masses. New servers must attend a training session.

AGES: Teens and youth 5th grade and older. Adults are always welcomed.

TIME COMMITMENT: 1-2 times per month. Choose preferred times and parish locations.


  1. Lector

Lectors proclaim the Word of God at weekend and Holy Day Masses, and other liturgical services.  Training is provided.

AGES: Adults and Teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Several times per year. Choose preferred times and locations.


  1. Liturgy of the Word for Children (SC & SD)

Volunteers share the Word of God with children by proclaiming the reading in easier language, and engage kids in discussion and activities. Takes place during the readings and homily at Mass time.

AGES: Adults and Teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Approx. once per month. Sundays, 9 a.m. at SC, and 10:30 at SD, Oct. to May.


  1. Eucharistic Minister of the Body &/or Blood

Extraordinary Ministers (EMs) assist the priest in distributing Christ’s Body and/or Blood at Masses.  One may choose to serve at more than one parish. Training is required.

AGES: Confirmed, practicing Catholics.

TIME COMMITMENT: SD: there is no schedule; EMs may participate at will.

         SC & HN: EMs are scheduled ~1 -2x/mo. Substitutes may be needed 


  1. Home Communion Minister

Communion Ministers bring the Eucharist to homebound parishioners.  Visits include a short prayer service and friendship. Training provided.  .

AGES: Confirmed, practicing Catholics.

TIME COMMITMENT: SD ministers depart from SD at 9 a.m. on Sunday, 1.5 - 2 hours  . 4-6 weeks. HN’s time frame varies based on need.

                                   SC: If a parishioner is in need of receiving communion at home, parishioners are asked to help with this process after 9 a.m. Mass. 


  1. Nursing Home Mass/Service Helpers

Volunteers help those in wheelchairs, make residents feel welcome, prepare for the service, and distribute missalettes. They also assist with the liturgy and may occasionally do the scripture readings and distribute Communion. Some volunteers may also lead the rosary. 
AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours on a weekday as available per week, 1-3x/month. 


  1. Sacristan

Sacristans prepare the before Mass and cleanup after Mass. May   weekends and Holy Days, weekdays, funerals and other special occasions. Training provided.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Once or twice per month.


  1. Art & Environment

The team plans and coordinates the set-up and maintenance of liturgical decorations and symbols to enhance the worship space.  This includes idea development, sewing, building, set-up,  and floral design.  Helpers assist with set up and take down of seasonal items, etc.

AGES: Adults, Teens and Families.

TIME COMMITMENT: Variable. Many activities can be done as your schedule allows.


  1. Liturgy Writer/Music Planner

Liturgy Writers at each parish create the text for their “Welcome/Introduction” and “Prayers of the Faithful” for each weekend and Holy Day Mass.  Ability to use a computer and e-mail is essential.

Music planners (at SD only) are choir members that select music for the liturgies, based on the readings. 

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: At home as needed.  Meetings a few times per year, as needed. 


  1. Funeral Liturgy Planner

Meet with families to plan the funeral liturgy of their loved  be present during the visitation and Funeral Mass to provide assistance. Someone who enjoys working with people and is an empathetic listener would do well in this ministry.  at each funeral. Training is provided.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Typically a few times per month. Meet prior to and ~4 hours on day of funeral .


  1. Funeral Sacristan, Mass Server, Lector, and/or Eucharistic Minister

Men and women assist in setting up for funerals, serving during the funeral Mass, and cleaning up after. Training is provided. Generally two are needed for each funeral.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: A few times a month during the day 


  1. Prayer Chain/Emergency Prayer Network/Heart Ministry

This Ministry urgently responds with prayers for people in serious need.  Volunteers are also given requests to pray for family members and friends affected by illness, loss of job, or other special occurrences in their lives.

AGES: Adults. This is a good ministry for someone who who is homebound.

TIME COMMITMENT: Be willing to commit to frequent prayer for others. 


  1. St. Anne’s Society

This society was founded in 1861, at HN, to offer women of the parish social, spiritual, and service opportunities. Members attend the funerals of deceased members, pray the rosary, and form an honor guard with a farewell prayer. A Mass for all members is held on July 26, the feast of St. Anne and St. Joachim, and an annual Mass for deceased members is held in October. The group sponsors fundraisers for the parish, Seton School, and other charitable groups. Dues are $10 per year with all funds raised used for charity. 

AGES: Membership is now open to all Catholic women.

TIME COMMITMENT: Meetings are held Sept., Oct., Dec., March, April, May, July.


  1. Altar Society (SC)

All St. Clement parish women are considered members. The Altar Society sponsors several social opportunities throughout the year. Proceeds from these activities support the purchase of hosts, wine, altar, candles, and Dominican Hall Kitchen supplies.

AGES: All women.

TIME COMMITMENT: A few times during the year.



The purpose of Music Ministry is to enhance the experience of worship by heightening the Word of God with music and to provide beauty to the liturgy through music.


  1. Main Choir (HN)

The choir provides members with the opportunity to praise the Lord through a challenging repertoire of choral music in 4-part harmony, as well as leading congregational worship through song.  Auditions are NOT required, just a love of singing and a desire to build prayerful fellowship with other singers.

AGES: Adults and Teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. and sing at 3 to 4 Masses each month (mainly at the 10:30 a.m. Mass).


  1. Guitar Choir (HN)

This choir leads the congregation in sung prayer through contemporary music and the use of guitars.  No auditions. All that is needed is a desire to sing or play.

AGES: Adults and Teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Rehearse two Thursday evenings each month at 6 p.m.; sing at weekend liturgies about once per month and some special events. Not during the summer.


  1. St. Clement Choir

This Choir is a committed group of singers who lead worship with their music at the 9 a.m. Mass. No auditions are required. They participate in sacred concerts and host other Choirs in religious performances. The Choir enjoys singing many venues of music - classical, contemporary, folk, spirituals, and more. We welcome instrumentalists and additional Cantors.

AGES: Adults and Teens.

TIME COMMITMENT:  7-8 p.m. on Wednesdays. Sing two Sundays a month at 9 a.m. Mass, and occasionally at other times.


  1. Classical Choir/Contemporary Choir (SD)

Currently both choirs are merged. They lead the congregation in sung prayer using both classical and contemporary music, accompanied by guitars, drums, and various instruments.  No auditions. All that is needed is a desire to sing or play.

AGES: Adults and teens in 9th grade and up.

TIME COMMITMENT: Rehearse most Wednesday  sing at weekend and some Holy Day liturgies about twice per month (alternating between Sat. and Sunday Mass). Not during the summer.


  1. Funeral Choir (SD)

This choir sings for funerals held at SD.  Volunteers may sing melody or harmony.  The only skill required is a desire to sing. Open to all parishioners.

AGES: Adults and teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Funerals average a few per month, with rehearsals 30 minutes prior to the Mass.


  1. Youth Choir (SD)

Youth Choir engages parish children to sing at Mass. Teens interested in a service project are encouraged to assist with this choir as Student Director.

AGES: Grades 1-8.

TIME COMMITMENT: Rehearse most Wednesdays during the school year, 3:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m., and sing at weekend and some Holy Day liturgies about once per month (alternating between Saturday and Sunday Mass). Not during the summer.  


  1. Teen Music Team

Vocalists and instrumentalists are encouraged to share their talents, in a musically rewarding way.

AGES: Teens and young adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Various times throughout the year (At Home Mission Week, special masses, praise & worship events.)

CONTACT Dylan Zastrow 920-458-5390 zastrowd@sheboygannorthparishes.org

  1. Cantor

Cantors serve as leaders and energizers of sung prayer at liturgy. Cantors need strong voices and good public speaking skills. 

AGES: Adults and teens in 8th grade and up.


  1. Instrumentalist

AGES: Adults, teens, and youth.

TIME COMMITMENT: Occasionally during the year.


  1. Media Ministry (SD)

Volunteers who have an interest in technology  ill enjoy this ministry. They operate the mixing (sound) board for audio and laptop computer for the video/digital ministry at SD church. Also needed are persons who have an interest in preparing PowerPoint presentations for Mass.

AGES:  Adults, high school teens, and middle school students with a parent.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Once or twice per month, at weekend, holy day , and/or funeral Masses.


Lifelong Faith Formation

Faith formation is growing in one’s relationship with God.  By understanding the Bible and faith traditions, we can deepen our spiritual life and practices by participating in our faith community.

CONTACT: Kate  920-458-5390 boycek@sheboygannorthparishes.org


  1. Faith Formation Committee

Support, advise, and assist Faith Formation staff.  Plan and/or help at family, student, & other events.

AGES: Adults.



  1. Catechist/Co-catechist/Helper for thru 6th grade
  2. Small group leader for 7th and 8th grade

Catechists for elementary and middle school faith formation programs pass on their faith and Catholic teachings to the children and youth of our parishes. All classes are held at the SD campus. Teaching responsibilities may be shared with a co-catechist. Lesson plans, catechist manuals, training sessions, and activities are  . All leaders must be safe guard trained.

AGES: Adults and high school teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. and/or Wednesday afternoons at 5 p.m., from mid-September thru April. Some prep time is required.


  1. Small Group Leaders/Helpers for the High School Program

Adults of all ages and talents are needed for the f program. Help is needed as small group leaders, group service project chaperones, retreat small group leaders and youth group leaders. You can choose the area in which you wish to . All leaders must be safe guard trained.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Based on program need and individual availability.

CONTACT: Dylan Zastrow 920-458-5390  zastrowd@sheboygannorthparishes.org


  1. Summer Vacation Bible School Helpers

Volunteers are needed to help younger children in different activity areas as counselors, or to help with the opening program.

AGES: Teens and adults.

TIME COMMITMENT:  One week mid-June, and as available to help set up.


  1. Adult Faith Formation-Small Group Leaders

Adult faith formation allows us to actively learn and live Jesus’ call by equipping adults to deepen our relationship with Jesus and to share our faith as disciples. This includes bible study groups, but so much more…it involves creating opportunities to meet people where they are in their relationship with Christ.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Weekly, monthly, and one-evening opportunities all-year long.

CONTACT: Kym Leibham leibhamk@catholicnorth.org


  1. R.C.I.A. Program Assistants and Mentors

AGES: Adults and families.

TIME COMMITMENT: At most, weekly throughout the school year.

CONTACT: Faith Formation Office 920-458-5390


Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Ministry works to recognize and respond to the human needs of our parishioners, neighboring parishes, the Sheboygan interfaith community, and the world, serving the needs of all children, families, individuals, and elderly.  This ministry includes the following projects: "Thanksgiving Food Box Project", "Tree of Hope Giving Project" during Advent, and "Mitten Tree".


  1. Human Concerns Committee

This committee is composed of all the chairpersons of the  within Human Concerns, and some members at large. Each parish, as well as the Hispanic community, has its own human concerns committee, collaborating on various community driven events and activities.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Varies, based on one's availability. Quarterly evening meetings.


  1. North Side Christian Food Pantry

The  Christian Food Pantry is located on the SD Campus and is open every Thursday from 12:30 to 2 p.m. Volunteers are needed on Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to approximately noon, or noon to 2:30 p.m. Another opportunity to help is on the Monday morning following the monthly food collection.

AGES: Adults, teens, and families.

TIME COMMITMENT: Varies, based on one’s availability.


  1. Other Community Outreach

Emmaus Meal Program

Volunteers provide a hot mid-day Saturday  offer fellowship to approximately 150 to 200 guests at the Sheboygan  . The group sets up, cooks, serves, and cleans up shop, and provide baked goods for the meal.  Monetary donations are also welcomed; checks payable to your parish.

AGES: Adults, teens, and families.  

TIME COMMITMENT: HN and SD 6 times per year, SC 2 times per year.

Undie Sunday

In the past this project coincided with Veterans Day, whereby items of basic clothing were collected and distributed to veterans at the VA Hospital in Milwaukee. In 2021, the recipients are the Afghan refugees,

AGES: Adults, older teens with parent, and families.

TIME COMMITMENT: Partial day in November.

Bell Ringers for Salvation Army

Parishioners ring bells for the Red Kettle Program during the Christmas season.

AGES: Adults, teens, and families. 

TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours, first part of December.

Making Spirits Bright

Individuals are needed to volunteer at Evergreen Park, for the Rotary Holiday Light Show. This event helps benefit the food pantries of Sheboygan County including our North Side Christian Food Pantry.

AGES: Adults. (Teens 16 and older can participate with a parent.)

TIME COMMITMENT: Two-hour shift one evening in December.


  1. Ministry of Care to the Sick and Homebound

Volunteers provide weekly visitations to parish members who are hospitalized, and/or in area assisted care/nursing facilities.  This visit includes prayer time and spiritual support.

AGES:  Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Varies, based on one’s availability.


  1. Refugee and Immigrant Ministry

Volunteers, both planners and doers, assist with the following initiatives: 1) helping our parishioners learn more about other cultures, and 2) explore the possibility of helping those interested within our community to acquire citizenship. Maybe you have ideas on what types of projects to implement that will help to accomplish our goals.

AGES: Adults, teens, and families.

TIME COMMITMENT: As needed, when available.


  1. Laundry of Love Ministry

Volunteer at Midway Laundromat (1404 Michigan Avenue) – accept coupons that participants have received from referral agencies, hand out quarters, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, bottled  laundry bags, as needed. Donations of these items can be dropped off at any parish office, during office hours, labeled "Laundry of Love".

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: 10 a.m. to Noon on the second Tuesday of each month.


  1. Elizabeth Ministry/Respect Life

Elizabeth Ministry is an outreach ministry to women and their young growing families. Volunteers make baskets for delivery to new moms, prepare family meals, hand out carnations on Mother's Day, create name placards/butterflies for the baptismal tree, and so much more. Meetings are informal, occur quarterly and take place at a member's home.

Respect Life: Activities are done through Elizabeth Ministry, to promote the sacredness of all life, from conception to natural death. October is set aside by the USCCB as "Respect Life" month.  Elizabeth ministry leads the rosary before the Sunday Masses in October.

AGES: Adults, HS teens, and families.

TIME COMMITMENT: Whatever times and materials one cares to give, much done in your home.


  1. Caring Blooms

Floral Essence invites all gardeners to bring floral clippings to create bouquets for residents of Safe Harbor, Salvation Army and Pine Haven Christian Communities to enjoy. Join us behind the SNCP Administrative Offices (a.k.a. Holy Name Rectory) at 807 Superior Ave.

AGES: Adults and teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Thursday mornings during the growing season from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.


  1. Mission Ladies Quilting Groups (held at HN & SD)

The ladies make quilts to give to Rainbow Kids, Mary’s Room, Catholic Women's Charity Club, local nursing homes and as donations for other community fundraisers, especially those at Seton School.  No experience necessary.  Open to all women of our parishes.

AGES:  Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: :  Monday afternoons for a few hours starting at 12:30 p.m., September to May.


  1. Military Rosary Makers

Volunteers of all ages are invited to make rosaries for the military. Training is provided for this very rewarding project.  

AGES: Adults, teens, and families.

TIME COMMITMENT: Whatever time one can give, much in your home.


  1. Transportation

Persons interested in helping fellow parishioners with a ride to Mass, meetings, ministry work, etc.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: When available.


Buildings and Grounds/Facilities

These volunteers keep our parish grounds and building interiors looking  welcoming to all.


  1. Buildings and Grounds Committee

Each parish has its own committee. The committee identifies the needs of the parish property, especially maintenance and upkeep, and makes recommendations to the Finance Council.  Knowledge in areas of construction, building trades, and maintenance, as well as a general knowledge in several related areas is helpful.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: One evening per month.


  1. Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and/or Painting Skills

Assist in various “light” projects, which arise throughout the year.

 AGES: Adults.



  1. Church Interior Cleaning/Misc. Tasks

Volunteers assist with cleaning the church interior. They wash windows and doors prior to weekend Masses. Others might also assist with various tasks such as putting out weekly bulletins, straightening missalettes, putting out or picking up various forms or information in pews. Skills or crafts that may be desired from time to time include scrapbooking, sewing, typing, and other “fix-it” talents.

AGES: Adults and older teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Year-round, when available.


  1. Volunteer Grounds Crew

Volunteers help keep our parish’s yards and flower beds looking good. They mow the lawn, do edging, plant, weed, and trim flowers, small trees and bushes, etc. At SC, they plant, weed, and maintain flower beds around the rectory, church, and school property.

AGES: Adults and older teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: One to two hours Thursday mornings, when available, spring thru fall.
SC meets on the first Monday morning of the month during summer. 


  1. Calvary Cemetery Grounds Crew

CONTACT: John  920-946-2529  jljacobchick@gmail.com

Calvary Cemetery volunteers help to maintain the grounds, especially trimming grass around the headstones.

AGES: Adults and older teens.

TIME COMMITMENT: Two to three hours two times a month, during the warmer months. Schedules are flexible.



The mission of stewardship is to lead people to growth as mature Christian disciples by deepening engagement in prayer, community, service, and sacrificial giving.

  1. Stewardship Committee

This committee is composed of members of each parish.  It assists the pastor and Pastoral Council in setting a caring and welcoming atmosphere, fostering good communications and stewardship, promoting an attitude of gratitude,  responding to the needs of our parishioners, and encouraging active participation in parish life. It prepares and coordinates the annual t drives to motivate parishioners to share their God-given gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Adults of all ages may assist the committee with special projects, especially those individuals with a passion for good stewardship.

AGES: Adults.



  1. Fall Festival Planning Committee/Leaders

This group of chairs and sub-chairs (set-up, food, bar, various raffles, promotions, kid's games, bakery, environment, etc.) is responsible for planning and coordinating this major event at SD The festival brings people together in an atmosphere of celebration.

AGES:  Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Meets 3-4 times, about March to September, and individually as needed to make arrangements.


53.  Parish Socials (SD)

These volunteers plan, promote,  coordinate fun activities that bring parishioners together for special social events which build a sense of hospitality and community, such as the Chili Cook Off and Ice Cream Social. (At each parish, various ministries such as Ushers, Music Ministry, Pastoral Council, take turns hosting a once a month social after each of the Masses. The Altar Society sponsors various activities, including the Women’s Morning of Reflection, and Annual Chili/Fall Fest.)

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Infrequent meetings and tasks, as available.


  1. New Member Welcoming Team

Volunteers would be appreciated to assist the Parish Council and staff in making new and returning parishioners feel embraced by the parish, especially those from diverse backgrounds. Families and individuals of all ages with an interest and/or talent in hospitality, and especially parishioners who have joined the parish recently, are encouraged to help. Activities include making welcome packets and assisting with welcoming activities a few times a year. Phone,  social media follow up with new members is encouraged.

AGES: Adults and families.

TIME COMMITMENT: As available.


  1. Baker

 Bakers provide cookies or other baked goods for special parish needs and events.

AGES: Adults, teens, and families.

TIME COMMITMENT: Based on need and availability.


Administrative Services

The work of our parish offices and events is greatly benefitted by the work of many volunteer hands.


  1. General Office Help

Volunteer activities include data entry, shredding, changing missalettes, collating newsletters, sending parish mailings, office-sitting, answering phones or door, and maybe some other light duties. 

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Occasionally 


  1. Bulletin & Envelope Stuffers

Volunteers, at each parish, stuff flyers in the weekly bulletins, as needed. Envelope stuffers may also work on call for special projects and mailings that need to be distributed to parishioners.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Occasionally.


  1. Translators

On occasion, volunteers are needed to translate parish communications from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Occasionally.


  1. Technology Support, Photographer & Videographer

Advise and support the parish staff on technology related issues. This could involve audio and video, and certain other systems. Photographers/videographers are invited to serve at your convenience during various parish events.

AGES: Adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Based on need and availability.


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School

CONTACT: School  920-452-1571

Volunteers are often welcome to help the school, especially as classroom helpers and student tutors for 3K thru 8th grade, and to assist the teachers with tasks or work with individual students on reading, writing, math, and other subjects. Please contact the school directly.