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We have been made aware of another scam targeting some of our parishioners via email looking like it's coming from Parish Faith and asking again to send the church gift cards. We will never ask for gift cards to be sent to the churches. Please disregard these requests. If you have any questions before replying to a questionable email or text, please contact the parish offices. Be cautious! Thank you!

Fr. Mark Brandl Video Updates
February 8, 2022
Fr. Mark reminds us to be cautious of requests for gift cards from places using our priests' names or Parish Faith.

January 12, 2022
Fr. Mark reminds us to take care of ourselves and others!

December 21, 2021
Merry Christmas from Fr. Mark! Make wonderful memories and be safe this holiday season!

December 1, 2021
Happy Advent from Father Mark. Please join us next Friday, December 10th for Advent Inspiration Series Embracing the Hoy Family - Embracing our Faith as one with Gina Loehr, an author of five books and a mother of six children. Event will be held at St. Dominic Church with music starting at 6:30 p.m. and Gina's presentation at 7 p.m. Spanish translation will be available. Tickets are $10 and are available at one of our parish offices, after masses and right here. Scholarships are available, contact the parish office.

November 19, 2021
Safe travels, enjoy your loved ones this holiday, be thankful, pray for others and Happy Thanksgiving from Fr. Mark.

November 3, 2021
Following Confirmation Sunday and All Saints Day, Fr. Mark reminds us this week that we are all called to be Saints. See Seton's Saints in the back of our churches each month this year.

October 27, 2021
Fr. Mark reflects on God's message. "The poor will always be with us." The needs are endless. Trust in God to take are of those needs and pray for wisdom to give where it is most needed.

October 19, 2021
Fr. Mark says we all need time with God like our students who are about to be confirmed this weekend as they say "I do to God" and build a relationship with him. Congratulations to our candidates and continue to hold them in your prayers!

September 14, 2021
Fr. Mark invites all back to fellowship this Sunday and to close out summer at the St. Dominic Fall Festival! The weather looks to be great! Please join us to help out and for food, fun and fellowship!

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