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Ephesians 2:10 says we are God’s masterpieces, created in Christ to do good works. When we volunteer for our parish, we are doing God’s work and fulfilling His plan for our lives. Imagine this: God created you, His masterpiece, to do awesome stuff. Through Christ, you can and do make a difference. When you serve, you are helping to change lives. This is true regardless of where you serve.

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Time and Talent Resource

Our Vision: We are a united and diverse Catholic
community joined through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. By virtue of the intercession of Mary, we aspire to create an ever-increasing spiritual thirst for Jesus that ignites faith through the sacramental life of the church.

Invitamos a los feligreses de habla hispana a unirse a estos ministerios parroquiales. Para obtener una versión traducida de este folleto, por favor visite nuestro sitio web en Quiénes Somos, en Nuestra Parroquia o comuníquese con Lulú al 458-5390 o [email protected]. También habrá una copia en papel disponible en las parroquias.

We invite Spanish speaking parishioners to join these ministries. For a translated version of this booklet, please see our website under About Us, Nuestra Parroquia or contact Lulu at 458-5390 or [email protected]. A paper copy will also be available at the parishes.

  • Please use the accompanying form to sign up, either online or on paper.
  • . It saves staff time & resources.
  • Return completed paper forms in the offertory basket (at Mass) or to parish office.
  • Many other faith-based volunteer opportunities in the community exist. Some are listed on the SNCP website under GROUPS.

For more information regarding our ministries, please contact:
Holy Name & St. Clement:  920-458-7721 [email protected]
St. Dominic:  920-458-7070 [email protected]

Your Stewardship Committee

Abbreviations:       HN=Holy Name of Jesus     SC=St. Clement     SD=St. Dominic     SNCP=Sheboygan North Catholic Parishes

Prayer and Worship The Prayer & Worship Ministry fosters active participation of the faithful in worship, especially in the Mass, the sacraments, other services, and devotions.

  1. Prayer & Worship Committee Each committee assists in the preparation for the liturgical/prayer life of its parish, and the SNCP collaboratively. It consults with members of the pastoral staff in regard to preparing sacred environments and liturgical resources. Its role is to monitor, assess, and collaborate directly with specific liturgical ministries.  

AGES: Adults.
TIME COMMITMENT: Meets monthly, excluding summer. SC meets seasonally.

  1. Greeter Greeters provide a welcoming atmosphere for both parishioners and visitors as they arrive for Mass.

AGES: Adults, Teens and Families. 
TIME COMMITMENT: About 30 minutes prior Mass, ~1x/mo.  Subs are also welcome.

  1. Usher Ushers may distribute missalettes or worship aids, assist in seating parishioners, take up collection, guide the Communion procession, and hand out bulletins. At SC, Ushers also serve as greeters, and are asked to help at funerals as needed.

AGES: Adults, Teens, and Youth with Parent.
TIME COMMITMENT: A few times per month, based on individual availability.

  1. Altar Server Servers assist at weekend and Holy Day Masses. New servers must attend a training session.

AGES: Teens and youth 5th grade and older. Adults are always welcomed.
TIME COMMITMENT: 1-2 times per month. Choose preferred times and parish locations.

  1. Lector Lectors proclaim the Word of God at weekend and Holy Day Masses, and other liturgical services.  Training is provided.

AGES: Adults and Teens.
TIME COMMITMENT: Several times per year. Choose preferred times and locations.

  1. Liturgy of the Word for Children (SC & SD) Volunteers share the Word of God with children by proclaiming the reading in easier language, and engage kids in discussion and activities. Takes place during the readings and homily at Mass time.

AGES: Adults and Teens.
TIME COMMITMENT: Approx. once per month. Sundays, 9 a.m. at SC, and 10:30 at SD, Oct. to May.

  1. Eucharistic Minister of the Body &/or Blood Extraordinary Ministers (EMs) assist the priest in distributing Christ’s Body and/or Blood at Masses.  One may choose to serve at more than one parish. Training is required.

AGES: Confirmed, practicing Catholics.
TIME COMMITMENT: SD: there is no schedule; EMs may participate at will.

         SC & HN: EMs are scheduled ~1 -2x/mo. Substitutes may be needed 

  1. Home Communion Minister Communion Ministers bring the Eucharist to homebound parishioners.  Visits include a short prayer service and friendship. Training provided.  .

AGES: Confirmed, practicing Catholics.
TIME COMMITMENT: SD ministers depart from SD at 9 a.m. on Sunday, 1.5 - 2 hours  . 4-6 weeks. HN’s time frame varies based on need. SC: If a parishioner is in need of receiving communion at home, parishioners are asked to help with this process after 9 a.m. Mass. 

  1. Nursing Home Mass/Service Helpers Volunteers help those in wheelchairs, make residents feel welcome, prepare for the service, and distribute missalettes. They also assist with the liturgy and may occasionally do the scripture readings and distribute Communion. Some volunteers may also lead the rosary. 

AGES: Adults.
TIME COMMITMENT: A few hours on a weekday as available per week, 1-3x/month. 

  1. Sacristan Sacristans prepare the before Mass and cleanup after Mass. May   weekends and Holy Days, weekdays, funerals and other special occasions. Training provided.

AGES: Adults.
TIME COMMITMENT: Once or twice per month.

  1. Art & Environment The team plans and coordinates the set-up and maintenance of liturgical decorations and symbols to enhance the worship space.  This includes idea development, sewing, building, set-up,  and floral design.  Helpers assist with set up and take down of seasonal items, etc.

AGES: Adults, Teens and Families.
TIME COMMITMENT: Variable. Many activities can be done as your schedule allows.

  1. Liturgy Writer/Music Planner
    Liturgy Writers at each parish create the text for their “Welcome/Introduction” and “Prayers of the Faithful” for each weekend and Holy Day Mass.  Ability to use a computer and e-mail is essential.
    Music planners (at SD only) are choir members that select music for the liturgies, based on the readings. 

AGES: Adults.
TIME COMMITMENT: At home as needed. Meetings a few times per year, as needed. 

  1. Funeral Liturgy Planner Meet with families to plan the funeral liturgy of their loved  be present during the visitation and Funeral Mass to provide assistance. Someone who enjoys working with people and is an empathetic listener would do well in this ministry. One or two are needed at each funeral. Training is provided.

AGES: Adults.
TIME COMMITMENT: Typically a few times per month. Meet prior to and ~4 hours on day of funeral. 

  1. Funeral Sacristan, Mass Server, Lector, and/or Eucharistic Minister Men and women assist in setting up for funerals, serving during the funeral Mass, and cleaning up after. Training is provided. Generally two are needed for each funeral.

AGES: Adults.
TIME COMMITMENT: A few times a month during the day 

  1. Prayer Chain/Emergency Prayer Network/Heart Ministry This Ministry urgently responds with prayers for people in serious need.  Volunteers are also given requests to pray for family members and friends affected by illness, loss of job, or other special occurrences in their lives.

AGES: Adults. This is a good ministry for someone who ound.
TIME COMMITMENT: Be willing to commit to frequent prayer for others. 

  1. St. Anne’s Society This society was founded in 1861, at HN, to offer women of the parish social, spiritual, and service opportunities. Members attend the funerals of deceased members, pray the rosary, and form an honor guard with a farewell prayer. A Mass for all members is held on July 26, the feast of St. Anne and St. Joachim, and an annual Mass for deceased members is held in October. The group sponsors fundraisers for the parish, Seton School, and other charitable groups. Dues are $10 per year with all funds raised used for charity. 

AGES: Membership is now open to all Catholic women.

  1. Altar Society (SC) All St. Clement parish women are considered members. The Altar Society sponsors several social opportunities throughout the year. Proceeds from these activities support the purchase of hosts, wine, altar, candles, and Dominican Hall Kitchen supplies.

AGES: All women.
TIME COMMITMENT: A few times during the year.

Music The purpose of Music Ministry is to enhance the experience of worship by heightening the Word of God with music and to provide beauty to the liturgy through music.

  1. Main Choir (HN) The choir provides members with the opportunity to praise the Lord through a challenging repertoire of choral music in 4-part harmony, as well as leading congregational worship through song.  Auditions are NOT required, just a love of singing and a desire to build prayerful fellowship with other singers.

AGES: Adults and Teens.
TIME COMMITMENT: Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. and sing at 3 to 4 Masses each month (mainly at the 10:30 a.m. Mass).

  1. Guitar Choir (HN) This choir leads the congregation in sung prayer through contemporary music and the use of guitars. No auditions. All that is needed is a desire to sing or play.

AGES: Adults and Teens.
TIME COMMITMENT: Rehearse two Thursday evenings each month at 6 p.m.; sing at weekend liturgies about once per month and some special events. Not during the summer.

  1. St. Clement Choir This Choir is a committed group of singers who lead worship with their music at the 9 a.m. Mass. No auditions are required. They participate in sacred concerts and host other Choirs in religious performances. The Choir enjoys singing many venues of music - classical, contemporary, folk, spirituals, and more. We welcome instrumentalists and additional Cantors.

AGES: Adults and Teens.
TIME COMMITMENT:  7-8 p.m. on Wednesdays. Sing two Sundays a month at 9 a.m. Mass, and occasionally at other times.

  1. Classical Choir/Contemporary Choir (SD) Currently both choirs are merged. They lead the congregation in sung prayer using both classical and contemporary music, accompanied by guitars, drums, and various instruments. No auditions. All that is needed is a desire to sing or play.

AGES: Adults and teens in 9th grade and up.
TIME COMMITMENT: Rehearse most Wednesday  sing at weekend and some Holy Day liturgies about twice per month (alternating between Sat. and Sunday Mass). Not during the summer.

  1. Funeral Choir (SD) This choir sings for funerals held at SD.  Volunteers may sing melody or harmony.  The only skill required is a desire to sing. Open to all parishioners.

AGES: Adults and teens.
TIME COMMITMENT: Funerals average a few per month , with rehearsals 30 minutes prior to the Mass.

  1. Youth Choir (SD) Youth Choir engages parish children to sing at Mass. Teens interested in a service project are encouraged to assist with this choir as Student Director.

AGES: Grades 1-8.
TIME COMMITMENT: Rehearse most Wednesdays during the school year, 3:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m., and sing at weekend and some Holy Day liturgies about once per month (alternating between Saturday and Sunday Mass). Not during the summer.  

  1. Teen Music Team Vocalists and instrumentalists are encouraged to share their talents, in a musically rewarding way.

AGES: Teens and young adults.
TIME COMMITMENT: Various times throughout the year ( , special masses, praise & worship events.)
CONTACT if questions: Dylan  -458-5390 [email protected]

  1. Cantor Cantors serve as leaders and energizers of sung prayer at liturgy. Cantors need strong voices and good public speaking skills. 

AGES: Adults and teens in 8th grade and up.

  1. Instrumentalist 

AGES: Adults, teens, and youth.
TIME COMMITMENT: Occasionally during the year.

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