Staff Member: RYAN O'KEEFE

Staff Member: RYAN O'KEEFE


Facilities Manager, Northside Catholic Parishes
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North Catholic Parishes’ Facilities Manager Ryan O’Keefe manages the facilities at all three North Catholic Parishes as well as Seton Catholic Elementary & Middle School. Ryan is a Sheboygan native who enjoys Do-It-Yourself projects and being outdoors. He also enjoys art, plays both the bagpipes and the guitar, and loves a good cup of coffee!

Ryan’s family has always been a part of our church community, but they became more involved after God called their first child to His arms at a young age. Since then, Ryan has helped preserve the historical condition of North Catholic Parish’s buildings by keeping them clean and intact. Ryan’s intricate work is greatly appreciated by our entire church staff and community!

When asked why people should attend or become members of a North Catholic Parishes community, Ryan answered, “Just the history of the Parishes. Holy Name of Jesus Church is the oldest, and I believe the first, Catholic Church built in Sheboygan. Holy Name of Jesus Church is still going strong and that is because of the dedicated staff, parishioners, and volunteers who have served over the past decades. They are also architecturally some of the best churches to behold.”