Parish Timeline

First Holy Communion in Sheboygan

August 24, 1845
Holy Name of Jesus Parish was not conceived by the construction of an architectual monument but came to birth from the faith of its people. The first Holy Mass in Sheboygan took place on August 24, 1845. Father Caspar Rehrl and ten Catholic families gathered around the dining room table of Alban Kent that served as the altar of prayer. The table is preserved in Holy Name Church sanctuary.

Father Haider arrives

Austrian-born Father Michael Haider arrives in Sheboygan to fulfill his assignment to St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church. He quickly purchases the plot of land that would become the site of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church for $2,200. With the parish’s finances exhausted, he’s given full access to the Pigeon River quarry by fellow Sheboyganite, business owner, and former Austrian acquaintance, Jacob Jung.

Construction on Holy Name Church Begins


Construction of Holy Name begins. Over the next five years, limestone was hauled by horse-drawn wagon from the quarry two miles south to the site. While the original plan for the steeples was to have them reach 185 feet, the head carpenter warned against this due to the lakeside winds. Though shorter, their finished height of 170 feet still allowed sailors to use them as definitive landmarks of the port of Sheboygan.

Holy Name Catholic Church is complete

Milwaukee Bishop, John Martin Henni, blesses the new parish under the patronage of Holy Name of Jesus in November. Parishioners start attending mass, kneeling on bare stone floors to pray.

Holy Name Church's Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross, donated by George Brickner of Sheboygan Falls, are installed.

Holy Name Church's first organ

1879 – The church’s first organ, built in Milwaukee by Odenbrett and Abler pipe organ manufactory, graces the interior.

The bells are installed at Holy Name Church

Four massive bells, known as the Angelic Quartet and individually named, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Guardian Angel, are installed. Weighing in at 9,000 pounds, the bells required thick, rough hemp ropes and great strength to make them toll.

New Pews for Holy Name Church

After the passing of Father Michael Haider in 1884, Father Nicholas Thill installs new pews along with a new altar, pulpit, and efficient heating system.

The idea for St. Clement is born

Father Francis Murphy, a curate of St. Johns' Cathedral Parish, Milwaukee visited Sheboygan at the request of community Catholics to evaluate the need for an English-speaking parish.

The Construction of St. Clement is Approved

St. Clement Parish organized and church construction begins. The design was Low Gothic, 130 ft. long, 54 ft. wide seating 500. On October 25, 1914, the cornerstone was laid and Father David J. O'hearn, St Francis Seminary, gave the sermon.

St. Clement is Dedicated and School Opens

Church dedication ceremonies were held on May 30, 1915. Archbishop Messmer officiated. Bishop Muldoon, Rockford, IL gave the homily.

St. Clement School opens with Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, WI.

St. Dominic First Mass

St. Dominic Parish celebrates the first Mass and first Baptism.

St. Dominic Church Construction


St. Dominic Dedication and School Opens

St. Dominic Church dedication with charter membership of 150 families and school classes start with 97 students in grades 1-7. Twenty-six children celebrated the first First Communion class.

The clocks are installed at Holy Name Church and St. Dominic Grade School Graduation and Confirmation

The iconic clocks are installed into the steeples of Holy Name church – a donation from Sheboygan local, John Kroeff. This would mark the first of several renovations throughout the history of the parish.

The first 8th grade class graduates from St. Dominic School: Clarence Damrow, Virona Altenbach, Fredrick Ploetz, Monica Godfrey, Victor Paeglow, Margaret Wagner, Roland Fetterer, Father Knackert and Marius Birkle. Sr. Mary Olga was the class teacher and school principal. Fifty-four young confirmands celebrate as the first confirmation class in the new St. Dominic Parish.

St. Dominic Convent

First portion of convent building erected with four rooms and a dormitory for seven Sisters.

St. Dominic Organ Installation

St. Dominic Parish pipe organ installation.

St. Dominic First Assistant Pastor

Fr. Ignatius Staskunas is the first assistant pastor at St. Dominic.

The Centennial

Holy Name of Jesus celebrates its Centennial Anniversary.

St. Dominic Expansion and New St. Clement School Opens

Excavation begins for north wing of the St. Dominic convent building. It is to include a chapel, and 8 bedrooms, as well as two temporary classrooms, for 1st & 2nd grades.

New St. Clement School building opens.

Schools Develop

Construction of a new school building at Holy Name of Jesus is completed.

300 pupils are enrolled in the St. Dominic Parish School, in grades 1-8, taught by 6 nuns and 1 lay teacher and Parish membership has grown to nearly 400 families.

50th Anniversary

St. Clement Parish celebrates its 50th anniversary at a Mass celebrated by Archbishop William Cousins.

St. Dominic New Church Construction

Building of the new St. Dominic church commences. The architect is Lawrence Bray of Sheboygan.

Vatican II Changes at St. Clement

New Altar facing congregation at St. Clement Church implements Vatican II changes.

Ministering to the Hispanic Community

With the Hispanic population growing in Sheboygan County, Sr. Mary Helen Neenan, a Sinsinawa Dominican, began ministering to the area Hispanic community in Sheboygan.

The First Spanish Liturgy

The first Spanish liturgy was celebrated in the St. Clement Convent Chapel.

The First Ordained Transitional Deacons

Richard Mason and August Meyer are the first members of Holy Name of Jesus parish to be ordained transitional deacons.

St. Dominic Parish 50th Anniversary.

St. Dominic Parish celebrates 50th Anniversary.

The First Ringing at St. Clement

St. Clement Church bells were rung for the first time after being installed and dedicated.

The First Permanent Deacon at St. Clement

Antonio Gamez becomes the first St. Clement member to be ordained a Permanent Deacon. In 1984, Baleriano Gonzalez was ordained.

St. Clement School Merger

St. Clement Parish School closes and later merges with Holy Name School. The school would be named Holy Family.

Dominican Hall Renovated

St. Clement Church lower level space renovated and named Dominican Hall.

St. Clement Stained-Glass Restoration

St. Clement Parish begins restoration of stained-glass windows. Over the course of twelve years all ten windows were restored.

150 Years Old

Holy Name of Jesus Parish celebrates its 150th anniversary.

St. Dominic Gym and Parish Activity Center

Groundbreaking takes place for PAC construction and associated modifications to church and school. $2.3 million project.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School Opens

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School opens. The school resulted from the merger of St. Dominic School and Holy Family School.

Northside Catholic Faith Formation Program begins in St. Dominic school building.St. Clement Centennial Anniversary

On November 22nd, the Feast day of St. Clement, Archbishop Listecki presides at a Mass celebrating the Centennial anniversary of St. Clement Parish.

St. Dominic 90th Anniversary

St. Dominic celebrates the 90th Anniversary with year-long activities.
Milwaukee Archdiocese approved the Sheboygan North Catholic Parishes. One Pastoral Council for North Sheboygan Catholic Parishes organized.

Holy Name 175th Anniversary

Holy Name of Jesus celebrates its 175th Anniversary in 2021, a year delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a Mass celebrated by Bishop James T. Schuerman.